Hurricane Sandy Revisited – March 2014

Today’s mission was twofold: first, to check out rental houses down the shore; and second: to revisit the Hurricane Sandy damage I’d explored previously (December 2012, August 2013).

Barnegat Light HouseA lot of homeowners were on the island – whether working outside or walking, the island was busy for the latter-half of March.

We spent about 30 minutes in the rental and then made our way to Old Barney. We didn’t brave the 217 steps, but at least were able to let Zach peak inside to see what they looked like. He really wanted to go up, but we all knew that about 30 steps up, he’d want help. That wasn’t going to happen 🙂 After walking the jetty, it was back into the car – and onto Holgate.

I was anxious to returned to Holgate. What damage remained? What was fixed? Had the trailer park area seen new tenants or had any work done? While it’d only been a few months since I’d been there, I still felt giddy and wasn’t sure what to expect.

It was clear in spots that nothing had been done – houses with “Keep Out” spray painted across plywood remained. Sandy touched oceanfront homes only had “for sale” signs adorning their fronts (this one here was a mere $1.2M). Were the homeowners insured? Had they given up? Not easily determined as a passer by. Was there even a beach left (below, left)?

As you’ll see below, some of the houses that hadn’t been touched on the last trip no longer stand. New construction had taken its place. In other areas, houses hadn’t yet been touched. The trailer park was a sand lot with more “No Trespassing” signs than signs of what it once was…    – kris



12/28/2012 8/16/2013 3/22/2014
Ocean Front houses repaired… and still aren’t in 2014.
First two: before and after; Last shot: Ocean front without any repairs 3/22/2014
In 2012 & 2013, you could see progression in the left two houses, with the third house appearing idle. Today, this third house still appears not to have been addressed. The only “progression” was plywood had now been wrapped around the pylons.
Cape – still gone. Houses behind it were or had been repaired.
The storm was in October, the interior was still exposed on 12/28/2012, and had been finally boarded up by the 8/16/2013 visit. As of 3/22/2014, this house no longer remained and new construction had taken it’s place.
All that was left today (3/22/2014) was what you see in the right column below: ragged American flags, rusted pipes, and a cleansed lot with only signs of past memories.
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