Lansdowne Theater Exploration

Today’s exploration brought me to the Historic Lansdowne Theater, located in Lansdowne, PA.

The theater ran films from 1927 through July 3rd, 1987 on a single screen. An fire in one of the retail basements on the third ultimately led to its demise. The theater itself was safe with no damage, however, due to the outage and loss of revenue, it was forced to shutter. More history of the theater can be found here.

After the building was acquired, it was saved of valuables that hadn’t already been stolen or destroyed. Most of the chandeliers had been removed, minus the one over the seating (left).

The damage was evident – the constant drip of water from the outside rains bled through ceilings and frozen pipes. The basement was off-limits due to flooding and the power for lighting provided appeared to be run through wire stapled to the exterior surface of the walls.

The Historic Lansdowne Theater Company has taken it upon themselves to bring the theater back to its past glory.

While touring the facility, a number of the recent accomplishments were shared with us. Three weeks ago, the projectors were powered up for the first time in years. An announcement on their Facebook page celebrating the awarding of a grant was posted on 3/27 – $125,000 will go toward restoration of the outdoor facade – the ticket office, poster casings – among other things.

While I like revisiting places I’ve seen to see their decline, this is a place where I look forward to see it’s restoration.

Silver Linings Playbook filmed two scenes from in front of the theater for its 2012 release.


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