Carrie Furnaces – April 2014

Carrie FurnacesCarrie FurnacesBuilt in the early 1900’s, the Carrie Furnaces provided “pig iron” through the 1970’s (with ramp ups/change in production process to allow for more to be made during WW2, Korea, and Vietnam). The resulting molten product was poured into a “hot Carrie Furnacesmetal car” – tanker train cars lined with firebrick – and transported via hot metal bridges over the river to other factories to be cast into steel. This and other mills made this area their home due to the quality of coal available for firing the facilities (vs. Bethlehem, Allentown, etc.)

Carrie FurnacesAfter this site was closed (and others in the area), there was a rush to demolish them and reclaim the space. This is one of the last remaining furnaces and has gained organizational support (via the Rivers of Steel) to restore parts of the site for tourism. Part of that restoration includes correcting areas that were sold as scrap or purposely disabled to prevent access to the site (many of the stairs and ladders were removed at eye level to prevent climbing). It also covers areas that have fallen or need preventive action to assure safety and stability.

Unlike previous outings, I decided to bracket for Carrie FurnacesHDR. Some shots worked great and really brought in the entire image; others looked too fake and cartoon like to bother with. Further complicating things was equipment issues – I couldn’t dial out of my exposure time toward the end of the day.

One of my favorites from the trip can be seen here; the rest of the gallery is available here.


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