Weather Station Repair

UntitledSo without further ado: hopefully *fingers crossed* the weather station is fixed. [Update: yup, it’s fixed!] When the humidity hit approximately 91% over an extended period of time (typically overnight), the weather station would fail to report either the temperature or humidity. It’d send either that it was 0° F, or a balmy -39.3° F! After researching on the ‘net possible solutions, they all seemed to point at the temperature and humidity sensor. Not necessarily a cheap fix, but certainly an easy one. UntitledThe technical support team at Davis confirmed that it was the sensor and roughly a week after a followup call, the replacement part had arrived.

Six (and almost) seven years after the station had been mounted (including an ER visit…), I had to perform more than a rain bucket cleaning or battery replacement. This was easy – solar panel removal and a disconnect of the wire to the existing sensor was the first step, followed by rain bucket removal and unscrewing of the radiation shield.

UntitledThe radiation shield came down with ease and I moved to the picnic table. Removing the layers showed how dirty it had become. The old sensor certainly looked like it had seen better days and was rather easy to remove.

Installing the new sensor was just as pain-free. Unlike the old one which sat and pointed up, this new one sat on the insulation disk and faced down.

IMG_6698Returning the weather station to form was easy. Three screws reattached the radiation shield and the rain bucket went on without a hitch. Connecting the new sensor to the ISS was a breeze, and so was the solar panel.

We’ve got a nor’easter heading this way tonight. Let’s hope we hit 91% humidity – and still be able to report the conditions 🙂

You can find the stations report here, or in near real-time on Weather Underground.


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