California 2014 – Pacific Coast Highway, Betteravia Sugar Plant

It’s been almost four months since my last past – wow, way too long. While not as glued to the camera as I should have been, there still were plenty of things to share/post/babble about.

UntitledThe first adventure to be lived through the lens was in early November. Work had taken me to California for a week and I added a few days off at the end of the trip to see an aunt and uncle in the Santa Barbara area. The only way to get there had to be via the Pacific Coast Highway. UntitledAfter picking up the rental car, I began my way via 101 South. I cut over to Monterrey and Carmel and picked up the PCH – my trip was a go. My first stop was Point Lobos where I caught my first glimpse of the ocean – it was absolutely stunning. It was after I left this vista that the true reality of the PCH would kick in – long windy curves, beautiful landscapes, and no cell phone service 🙂

Bixby BridgeOne of the sites on my “to-do” list was the Bixby Creek Bridge. Recommended by coworkers and seen a few times in my research for the trip, this was one of the destinations I made it a point to get out of the car and see. Apparently, so did every other tourist on the Pacific Coast Highway as well. It was also where I was introduced by the “Selfie Stick”… As the day got longer, patience wore thin. I drove into (and out of) the parking lot of the Hearst Castle. This would have to wait for another time. A nap would have been much appreciated, but I had to get to my aunt and uncles before sunset.Betteravia Sugar PlantI had doubled my trip time due to the PCH adventure.

Betteravia Sugar PlantWithin an easy driving distance was the Betteravia Sugar Plant. After closing inthe 1990’s, it has been left to the elements. The silos remain, as well as what appeared from the distance to be a factory or processing facility.Betteravia Sugar Plant

The railroads were still operational in the area and seeing helicopters drop pesticides onto the crops in the area was something I had never seen before.

My drive back toward the Bay Area was via the 101 – no Pacific Coast Highway North – just freeway. I made it to the Golden Gate Bridge and thought I’d catch a sunset, but got the pleasure of experiencing the fog rolling in and almost zero visibility. While it was initially a disappointment, it truly was a wonderful experience.


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