A drive through the South

UntitledDriving through back roads in the south is a lot like a trip through time. Abandoned and deteriorating service centers and gas stations run along sides the highway, no longer greeting the road-trippers that once stopped there. There wasn’t enough time in the day to absorb each one in, yet alone take a picture.

Midway Service Center

Their conditions varied, from those that might have been alive and in use only a few years ago, to those that might have been weathering the elements for 20 years. Other structures (not captured) were so far gone, it couldn’t be determined what they were. Mother nature and the elements had taken them over.

UntitledOther stretches of the highway had modern “rest-stop”-like stations. These establishments were always at an interstate interchange. It was also clear that the Interstate had clearly caused travelers to bypass these stations, the towns they’re in, and to some degree, time.

The return home was via Untitledthe Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Always a fun trip, but too far away from home to really enjoy for any period of time.

All the pictures can be seen here.


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