Carranza Memorial

Carranza MemorialI couldn’t guesstimate how many times we would make our way down Route 206 and just focus on how long it’d take us to get to our destination. Whether it be cranking the music, or on warmer days, opening the windows, we’d just want to do whatever it took to let the time pass. During one of those drives, we saw the sign for the Carranza Memorial. It piqued our interest, but by the end of the day, escaped our mind.

Carranza Memorial

After seeing the sign again on another road trip, we Google’d what the site was and were exposed to history within Burlington County that we were completely unaware of. The name Captain Emilio Carranza had never been mentioned before – either at home or in school – and little did we know, his history and plight had been memorialized so close to home. The plane he’d been piloting had gone down in Burlington County as he was returning to Mexico from a goodwill trip to the US.

I decided to pay the memorial site a visit today. Situated deep in the Pineland’s (and down a road with 1/2 the potholes in the state), the monument stands where the plane went down. Well maintained, it was surrounded by campgrounds and people riding bikes. Also of note was the quiet. No traffic was heard – it was quite peaceful.

Revealed in the over quest for information was that the American Legion Post 11 out of Mount Holly vowed to keep his memory alive through a memorial service to be held at the site every year on the anniversary of Captain Carranza’s death. This years memorial will be held on July 11th at 1:00PM. The Facebook event can be seen here, with additional details on the Post 11 webpage.

The Post 11 website can give you far more information on who he was, his history, relationship with Charles Lindbergh, as well as directions to the site, and a link to a documentary.


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