Pennhurst State School

Hospital Orderly'sSheesh, it’s been so long, I’m surprised I remembered my login name and password. Time hasn’t been a friend recently, and while I’ve shot plenty, actually documenting those trips/shoots has been non-existent.

That said – here we go 🙂

Untitled April 2015 offered the opportunity (thanks to Matthew Christopher of to shoot/explore the Pennhurst State School and HospitalUntitledAfter closing in 1987, the grounds have (like so many other sites), been left to nature and the elements.

While only two buildings were made available, both told stories. “Candy Land” (slightly above, right), appeared to house a daycare or early-life center; with pictures of kids, elephants, and what you would see in modern-day childcare centers. With the April trip, this room had sunlight due to a break-in that had opened up the previously boarded-up windows). Untitled

On the third floor of the second building was a series of empty rooms. All had various degrees of decay – from plaster that had shattered and been re-homed on the floor, to those that appeared to be supporting vegetation on the exterior of the building. However, one particular room toward the end of the corridor found itself quite photogenic. 

UntitledBetween the old school wheel chair and the phenomenal contrasts in the room, I found it an ideal subject to shoot. While not a fan of moving objects to “get the shot”, especially room to room or site to site, the layout of this room and how the wheelchair fit in with its surrounding, made it an ideal subject.  

A second trip to the grounds with Melissa of added some improved shots that I missed in April. It also reinforced that instead of looking ahead – you also need to look UP. A few additional snaps below –



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