Cycling, 2017 Tour de Pines

VIRB_0072So while the story of my riding has yet to be published, I’ve been pretty vocal on my rides. From a casual 10-13 miles at home, through 68 miles in the Tour de Shore, posts to social media have been quite frequent.

The overall journey begun with walking, and the Tour de Shore as my ultimate goal. In 2016, and after my first few hundred miles, Pinelands Preservation Alliance: Tour de Pines 2017 (Sunday, Short Loop)my first organized ride was the Pinelands Preservation Alliance ‘Tour de Pines’.

I returned this year for the 2017 ‘Tour de Pines’. A rainy day, it appeared liquid sunshine was going to be in abundance.

The ride is long and slow, but relaxing. Normally averaging 16ish mph, the pace for the day is 11-13. A bit nerve racking at first, but soothing as time advances.

Pinelands Preservation Alliance: Tour de Pines 2017 (Sunday, Short Loop)Good camaraderie and chili at the end of the ride marked the end of a damp & wet 26 miles.

Next posts? Looking back to July & August at Tour de Shore and the South Jersey ‘Tour des Farms’.


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